Welcome to the Men's Encounter website. I'm Chris Roe. This whole Encounter thing started with a dream to take guys camping and teach the message of Freedom and Life in Christ. While it includes so much more than men now, my passion is still coming alongside men and seeing their hearts renewed, restored, and set free. We desire to build leaders not followers. We currently do this through several ways. Here are a few

--Spiritual Direction/Life Coaching
Walking closely, usually one-on-one with a guy through his story to uncover what God has been up to (Orient), how God moves (Teach), and watch the man move in freedom in his places of influence, family, faith, and work (Release).

Who said you quit wanting to have fun at 18? We put on trips, events, and activities that get you up and out of your cubicle and off your couch. From paintball and whitewater rafting to tamer things like campfires and golf outings we want to create experiences that teach us while having fun. No pens and paper required, just a willing heart and spirit. Check out our calendar for upcoming events

Through our Encounter Humanity project we work locally and in Lesotho, Africa. Men's Encounter is a very "interior" ministry work. We need opportunities to get outside ourselves and help others or we become stunted spiritually.

Randy Hemphill and I are available to meet for coffee, breakfast, or lunch if you want to talk. If you want to talk about your life or ministry to men, if you are struggling or just facing the daily rigors of life and need another man to talk to, email us at chris@setheartsfree.com or randy@setheartsfree.com .

--A Pastor's Heart
Randy and I have particular hearts for pastors and ministry leaders currently suffering from religion and burnout. We are available to talk. And we are working on a small group pastors event to help those in ministry care for their own hearts. Also, in our yearly fundraiser golf tourney we invite pastors and ministers to play for free by bringing 3 players to round out their 4-person team. Email us if you are interested.

That's a quick overview. Thanks again for coming by. Let us know if we can be of any help.

Shoulder to Shoulder,

Chris Roe
Executive Director—Encounter
Director—Men's Encounter



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